Brikes ?!?


Sure enough I did not originally plan to use the word “Brike” for my web site. I wanted “brick” unfortunately digitalbricks was already taken...

So, because I liked the blog title “one brick at a time” I had to find something related. Closely related. So I started looking into the origins of the word Brick and found Brike although I also found Bryke. Whatever the reality is, here we are, this is the name I picked !

Funny Name

Well, hopefully this site will prove useful to people as an entry point to the rest of my work: my blog, my projects and maybe, some day, my products.

But in reality, I am building this site because, like everyone else I long for fame, peer recognition and, eventually, a higher professional profile.

I am aware that I could make a complete fool of myself but, well, it’s fun anyway !

the POint

I certainly hope you like it. I do. I did it myself and I am quite happy with the result.

Of course, not being a graphical designer, I certainly appreciate feedback and advice to improve.

It was made using iWeb on a PowerBook G4 (although I may some day discuss my gripes with iWeb) and started while I was reading The Elements of Graphic Design by Alexander White, which I highly recommend. It was an eye opener and not only regarding graphic design.